Saturday, August 28, 2010

Geez Louise

I didn't take pictures this time but tonight I was down in the studio with Elaina and Jason and I realized that it had been several minutes since I had heard anything out of Claire and Eily. I told Elaina to go check on them because when they are quiet for more than two minutes it usually means they are doing something bad. Elaina came running back in yelling, "Bad! Bad! Bad!"  I found them in Eily's room. They had decorated their bodies and the floor in mineral makeup. Mineral makeup, by the way, doesn't come out of carpet easily. As I was coming out of the room to get the vacuum cleaner, I walked by the kitchen and saw that they had also dumped tea and water ALL over the kitchen floor. It was like a mini lake in there.


Katie said...

Oh my... Those girls are something else..

Anonymous said...


Debbi said...

Bek, you are going to have to keep things in your "locked" pantry!

Do you have visions of tossing them out the door?HA

This is getting to be often????
Bless your heart.