Saturday, August 14, 2010

These are some things I have been thinking about.

1. I wonder if holding the Mac in my lap/on my tummy so often somehow hurts the baby? Perhaps I should place a barrier between the two. Like a pillow or blanket.

2. The girls are sweet and school is going to be fun. We had a mock school day this afternoon. Eily was "napping" (ha) and I did a few school things with Elaina and Claire. We don't officially start until the last week of August but it was fun to get a feel of what it is going to be like. Elaina is an educational sponge eagerly awaiting to be drenched in learning. Claire is entertained. And wiggly.

3. I enjoy this blog and hate when I let so much time go between posts. I had thought of a few good ones this week but I never had the time to sit and write them until all the thoughts had melted away.

4. I took my toilets for granted. No more.

5. Not having Jason home is no fun. :( You military wives are incredible. I miss looking at his ears and scratching his back (really I'm searching for pimples but don't tell on me, ok?) at night.

6. I've always had a strange fascination with pimples.  They gross me out yet I cannot resist messing with them. Dan should receive an award for his patience with my pimple popping obsession.

7. My hair. It perplexes me.  Should I cut it? No. I really miss it being long. But I love it short. But I love it long. And so it goes, back and forth, back and forth until I decide not to decide until later which ultimately will end in it being long. Then I will finally decide, yes, I do want it short and I will get it cut. And I will love the cut but will still immediately start growing it out and questioning whether I really want to grow it out or keep it short.  And then I will do something drastic that I will hate and I will wish that I had just let it well enough alone.

8. I want to always be in the middle of reading three books.

9. It's interesting to watch my life-long relationships change. Some have changed for the better and some for the worse. Some have the same level of intimateness (yes, that's a made up word) as in my youth but still are so very different.

10. This week I have:
and slept. A little.


Rachel said...

1. That is a lot of emotions for one week.
2. I think your hair is very cute right now. But with the pregnancy hormones, you could probably grow it out pretty quickly.
3. I understand about the pimple thing. There are some from our childhood that still remain in my memory.
4. I would put a barrier, but I am paranoid like that.
5. Thanks for the props with the military wife thing. Makes me feel a little superwomanish.
5. My house reeks of dog. Sorry, that has nothing to do with your list.
6. Don't poo-poo the importance of your toliets. It is 11:26 at night. That sounds clever right now, probably won't in the morning.
7. Don't think our relationship has changed. Pretty much still the same as far as I can tell.
8. I too loathe the long and dreary periods when you do not post on your blog.
9. I wish Eli would nap. Even napping that I could put in quotation marks.
10. I already told you what I think about reading three books at one time. So, now I am done.

Rachel said...

I take no responsibility for the spelling errors in the above post. It is late and I do not have spell check becuase Rebekah deleted it from my computer.

Katie said...

Interesting thoughts you have...#10 sounds like my kind of week.

nanny said...

Had a good time reading this. I sure want you to post pictures of your new cabinet John made. I had to use spell check. Aren't you jealous? I will no longer be able to use it without thinking of you. Like Jason and my kitchen trash. I always think of him when it is full. Crazy isn't it!


Busy week, hmm?

Margaretta said...

what a good post, rebekah.

Rachel said...

I read your first entry again and read it as you wondering if holding a Big Mac on your tummy is bad for the baby. ha