Thursday, May 31, 2012


Jason is on another trip. This is a short one, but I still wish it was even shorter. I'm thankful he's able to support us doing what he loves, though.

There was "an issue" with the buyer. While I don't know exactly what that means, I do know that she didn't buy our house. Bummer.

Went to an old church tonight that I have visited from time to time since I was born. Showed Claire where I had to use the bathroom when I went there when I was her age. We followed the path to the old outhouse and I think Claire has a new appreciation for indoor plumbing.

I'm currently obsessed with The Andy Griffith Show.

I've been really picky about what the girls watch. They can choose from The Andy Griffith Show, Leave it to Beaver, Mr. Ed, or Dennis the Menace. Claire was begging me this afternoon for "something that has color in it." I let them watch Babar and Curious George.

I want some field trip ideas for this next school year. has great weekly menu plans and grocery lists.

If you could move to any state, where would it be, and why?


Chad & Bonny Day said...

I would move to TN b/c my family is there. But if that weren't an issue, I would move to Orange Beach, AL, and live in a beach house on the beach. I love it there. I watched all those shows when I was little. I also watched I Love Lucy..A lot..and the patty duke show, betwitched and I dream of Jeanie. You could go to the firestation, a grocery store and take a tour of their bakery, go strawberry or blueberry picking or an ice cream factory.

AMAY said...

Sorry about the buyer! I know that is disappointing.

It is so exciting that Jason is able to support your sweet family with his art!

I want to take a field trip to the exotic animal zoo in Gentry. It's a drive through safari and petting zoo.
I also want to take a trip to OK City to the zoo and the very cool science museum that is right next door. That will probably be an overnight trip for us.
I would love to take the kids to some sort of factory so they could watch an assembly line process. The problem with that is saftey regulations have become so stringent, I am not sure there is a factory around they would be allowed to tour.

If I HAD to move to a different state, I would probably choose Virginia. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, there are some good churches out there, they have real winters, and southern hospitality still abounds. But I love living here, and would hate to leave Arkansas.

Gwendolyn said...

I am proud of you for being picky!!! Carry on with pickiness!!!

I think that is pretty much an impossible question. Can I cheat? It would be either Texas or Arkansas because I love both of those states: they are beautiful, they are in the South, my family lives there.

But family aside, I might move to South Carolina or maybe Virginia.