Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I had the wrong Tuesday before. It is today, not last Tuesday, that the woman is going to the bank to see about a loan. I have pretty much thought of nothing else all day. Hopefully, we will find out this evening how the meeting went. I doubt she does anything (if she gets the loan) today, but our realtor is going to tell us if she got approved or if it's a no-go. It's hard, this waiting. She might even get approved but decide she doesn't want our house. Oh, to know........

We have our next-to-last t-ball game tonight. Hooray! Eily is more excited than I am at the thought of being finished. I think Elaina is really enjoying it, though. Claire is on the fence about the whole thing. But they all agree that the daily free snow cones from their coach's snow cone stand is a pretty "sweet" deal. Mind you, we don't go everyday to get a snow cone. But we could.

Gotta go fill those little tummies up with food before the big game.  Go team Tsunami!!

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AMAY said...

I have been wondering what had happened! I hope you hear good news soon.