Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Would you believe it?

Yesterday started out as a lazy day for me. I had all the laundry finished so when Nora napped, I did too. The house was basically picked up and I decided the dirty could wait until tomorrow to be clean.

And then our realtor called. "Hey there, can someone come see your house in thirty minutes?"

"Ummmm.....please give me one hour. Tell them to wait until 5pm."

So I frantically called my sil and she and her four kids jumped in their van and boogied up here to my house. Michael started mowing and Jacob watched/fed Nora. Audrey and Elaina had back yard duty (swinging) and Ashlie, Alli and I hit the house. Alli swept the schoolroom, Ashlie started in on the bathrooms, and I dusted, straightened, cleaned the kitchen, etc... Around 4:45, they showed up. When I say 5pm, I literally mean 5pm. Michael was still mowing, I was sweeping and Ashlie was glassing the windows. So we stopped cleaning, and all ten of us just gathered outside by the schoolroom door and visited while they looked through the house. It didn't take them very long to look at everything. Normally, that would be a bad sign but this woman just had something about her that kept me from getting discouraged. She just had that look that she could be the type of woman that scans through, likes it, or doesn't, and then moves on. As soon as they left, Ashlie and the kids left and then we hopped in the car and ran to Target to get a bag of baby food that I had left there last Saturday. Then we rushed back home and got ready for the girls' t-ball game. Then we left for the ball fields. Then we rushed back home to get the bag that holds all the t-ball equipment. Then we rushed back to the ball fields and greeted Nanny who had come to watch the game. This was the best game for my girls, so far. They were all in good moods the whole time and really put forth a good effort into their catching, batting, running, and dirt playing. Then we went back home and all the girls went to sleep. Quickly.
Then I did something very bad. I cooked and ate an entire Buffalo Basil and Mozzarella pizza.
900 calories. 
At 10:16pm, I received a text from my realtor saying the woman liked the house and would be going to the bank today to see about getting a loan. And then I fell into a delighted, satisfying sleep.
Then End.


AMAY said...

What a day! I'll be praying for her to get a fast loan and everything to work out!

AIMA said...

Oh my! So exciting! Ashlie is an angel.

nanny said...

Wow, I just love post like this where there is excitement in every sentence. Even sentences where it has 900 calories in it. I am so pumped (?) about all of this. I might just get back outside and mow some more.

Chad & Bonny Day said...

Gah!! When were were selling our house, I hated it when that happened, when I put off cleaning b/c it wasn't that bad and then someone called to look at the house..I'd always kick myself..but then I realized even if I did, it always took me an hour just to get the house perfect. I would always call my family to come help too! I'm so excited, I really hope it doesn't fall through! Good luck!

Courtney said...

Yeah!!! That's great news! I like the part where you rush back home for equipment.

JCrew Mama said...

That is awesome!

Allicat's Alley said...

Yay i'm so happy that you ate a very big pizza!( is the pizza big?)

Ceridwen said...

It was pretty big.