Monday, May 21, 2012

Up and running

Our AC went out last Friday and it just now is back up and running. It got a little sweaty in here. Rachel came over Saturday and we both decided to get the kids' pictures made. I just did Nora and Eily since they have spring birthdays. These pictures aren't as cool as the ones that Gabe took, but they'll do for documenting their new ages.
I am feeling really tired today. I seem to have misplaced my zing and pep.
We are thinking about buying my sister's home.
I am tired of this school year. I'm ready to start the next.
I ate a lot of pizza last week.
I ate a lot of chocolate last week.
I drank a lot of Dr Pepper last week.
If our house never sells, we won't be able to buy my sister's house.
Our house has officially been for sale for one year.
That makes me so sad.
Please spread the word that our house is for sale.


nanny said...

I hope to see you tonight. What can I do to cheer you ou?

nanny said...

Ha, ha, no ou, but up

AMAY said...

All will be well, one way or the other.

Allicat's Alley said...

I would buy your house if i had any money. Alas i have no money.

Courtney said...

You inspire me to eat more chocolate. Muahhaha!