Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Baby wishes

We have had a little fever virus make its rounds at our house this week. Eily has been so, so upset because no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't produce a fever. The girl loves to be petted and pampered. Late yesterday afternoon, much to her delight, I told her that she did indeed have a fever. You should have seen the smile that spread across her face. She ran back to my bed, beaming all the way, and jumped under the covers while stating her list of needs and wants.
People, let me tell you, be careful what you wish for. The poor little girl threw up all night long.
Right before the first wave of sickness hit her, she called me back to my room and said, "Mama, I changed my mind. I've decided I don't like anything ever again." And then she...

I love the picture below for so many reasons. I love the way her head looks like a bobblehead. I love the pucker of her mouth. I love that I know why she was posing that way; she was showing off her newly painted cheek. I love that I can look at the photo and hear her little voice saying, "Does it look pretty, Mama?"

Poor Pee Wee. She's been rather pitiful the last 24 hours.

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nanny said...

Ahhh, poor baby!