Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Eily's School

I've slowly been working on putting Eily's "school" together. She is old enough to need to feel included but not really old enough to do actual schoolwork. We will continue with our reading lessons and she will be doing some handwriting at Wednesday School, but other than that, she will just have the items in her cubby to refer to as her schoolwork. Here's what I've gotten so far and probably all I will get, at least for this semester.

Here we have beginning sewing. All the girls like to play with these.

We have number puzzles.

We have spelling puzzles.

Thanks to Pinterest, we have Velcro Sticks. Look, I made a house!

We have a workbook because workbooks are fun.

More spelling puzzles.

Here we have one of her Busy Time boxes. We have Do-A-Dots, crafts, some more workbooks and twisty, bendy things that you can shape into what ever you want. (I forgot what they're called.)

These are neat. They are another Pinterest find. The white spoon has the upper case letter and the clear spoon has the lower case letter. She lays the clear spoon over the white spoon to make a match. (See "M")

Busy Box #2
A few workbooks, more crafty things and more Do-A-Dots.

And this. Yet another Pinterest craft.

I glued 5 sticks on the back of each picture and wrote the same number on all 5 sticks. Then I cut the picture apart to make a puzzle.

A completed puzzle.


Debbi said...

wow! I want to go to your school. wonderful things! where do you find those?
I forgot to send all the workbooks I bought the girls (when ya'll visited!). I bought for all 3 girls age appropriate etc...
anyway....the puzzles are so sweet. Bubba was so suprized to see himself and Ely:) how sweet!Made him feel good:)

AIMA said...

You are ready to go!

JCrew Mama said...

I love your spelling puzzles! Where did you find them?

Rebekah Sacran said...

I think I got them at TJMaxx but I think they are melissa and Doug so they should be easy to find.