Friday, August 10, 2012

This week on...

If there was a reality show about my little family, what would it be called? Jason's suggestions were Estrogen 101, Outnumbered and House of Estrogen. I think I'm seeing a trend here.

Winner gets a $6 gift card to Star Wash!

Nora sang a few songs before she got the fever virus.

Mama shook Nora's chin.

Eily made up a song,

and then another.

Don't miss next week's episode where Mama and Daddy redo the main bathroom. It's sure to be a thriller!


Nardo said...

On the video of Nora singing, you can hear Eily in the background - "no, I' Thumbalina."

Debbi said...

my heart is the size of TEXAS right now!!! how sweet!! Nora leading singing and the chin laughter!!!

Eily is doing well making up her words, she has a great tone to her voice!!!

love them, love them, blessed by them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AMAY said...

What about I Love Rebekah! Luuuchie, I'm Hoooome!