Thursday, August 02, 2012



Eily woke up crying. I'm scared. I keep thinking of foxes and wolfses.
Do you want me to pray for you so that you won't be scared?
Can it go over to me? Can it do that?
(Not sure what she means) I'm not sure?
Well, can you just go get your bible and read about it real quick and then come tell me?
You mean can I pray for you to feel better and then God will make you feel better?
Yes. Like, it will come to you and then bounce over to me.
(slight pause)  Yes.

And I did. And she did.


Eily called me to her bed.
 (in a very whiny voice) Mama, I want to name my baby Ilda when I grow up and I don't want to doctors to hand her to me and say, "Here's Ilda. Here's Ilda." I don't want them to say that.
Ok, tell them you don't want them to say that.
No, I don't want to say that to them.
Ok, I'll say it to them.
Thank you, Mama.


nanny said...

too cute!

Anonymous said...

She makes me laugh!

AIMA said...

That's great!

Debbi said...

She is a deep thinker and very smart. Bless her heart and bless yours for addressing her issues so lovingly! how sweet.
I did love 'wolfses':)
but most of all, that you can read and it can bounce over to her!
THE POWER of prayer in a childs plain expression! That's awesome!!!
my hear is beating in love!

Debbi said...

I meant my heart...not hear!

JCrew Mama said...

This made me smile. :)

caitlin said...

i just love that girl so much.

AMAY said...

I missed so many of your august posts!! How did that happen? anyway, I have enjoyed catching up, and I love Eily's expressions. It must be fun to live in her mind.