Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anniversary Trip 2013

Jason and I like to do something each year for our anniversary. I think back in 2007 we just went out to eat, but other than that, we've done something. Because we got married in January, we've had a hard time finding just the right location for our anniversary trip, but we've had fun trying new places. We live in a "summer" area, not a "winter area" so most of the time, the places we go are sort of shut up for the season. We have yet to find our perfect spot, but that's ok. We'll stumble upon it eventually.
This year, we went to Hot Springs. To be totally honest, Hot Springs itself seemed a little boring but we had a great time anyway. When we arrived, we went straight to one of the galleries that represent Jason, The Linda Palmer Gallery, so that he could pick up his old paintings and drop off new paintings.  Then we went to a frame store that Jason likes to buy frames from, and I got stranded in the girls' bathroom that had no light and no toilet paper. :)

One thing I will say about Hot Springs is that these people know how to cook. The food at every single place we ate was so delicious.

For lunch, we went to Cafe 1217.
Y'all. This place was so good. Probably one of my top five restaurants ever. And they had whole wheat bread sticks so they get bonus points. 

Jason trying to decide what to order
He wasn't very hungry.
Fancy deli food

We spent the rest of the afternoon waling around downtown Hot Springs, running over to the bed and breakfast to check in, and then watching a movie at one of the local theaters.

We had dinner reservations at 7pm so we left the movie a few minutes before it ended (it wasn't really that good so we didn't mind) and rushed over to Bella Arti.

A friend had told us to reserve table 32 and it was a great suggestion because we had the (only occupied) table upstairs that was directly across (and up) from the piano player. It was a great spot.
Can you find the piano player?

Best. Steak. Ever. Seriously, it was like eating butter. 

Bread and Pesto

Jason's hot date. (jk, jk.)

My hot date. (Not kidding.)

The next morning, we had breakfast delivered right to our door. I am telling you, these people know how to cook. I almost ate the whole thing, Jason's included. That cinnamon roll was filled with pure, untainted cream cheese. I keep thinking about it and salivating.

Then we packed up, stopped by the frame shop again and came home to a house full of squealy little girls. It was a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I am happy for you, B!

Drewba said...

i am sold....especially on that steak

Chad & Bonny Day said...

You are a hot date! Love your bangs!! That's awesome yall do something every year for your anniversary. we usually just go out to dinner. maybe we should do a bed and breakfast this year!

Anonymous said...

Fort Smith used to have a Cafe 1217, and the food there really was all that.

nanny said...

sounds like you really had a great time. good for you.