Monday, January 07, 2013

Home Education Part 5

This chapter was a little hard to write about because it is so long and there is so much good information, but information that was hard for me to put into my own words. I actually meant to post this a month ago but I was quite the procrastinator.

Home Education Part 5

-Lessons as Instruments of Education

"- All the same, whatever be the advantages of kindergarten or other schools for little children, the home schoolroom ought to be the best growing-ground for them." Charlotte talks about the parent, whether teaching herself or having her children taught by another, must have definite views about what she wants her children to learn. "She must ask herself seriously, Why must the children learn at all? What should the learn? And, How should they learn it?"
   This is an area that I really need to work on, personally. We have made wonderful strides in our learning this year compared to last year, but I still feel I need to define the answers to those questions. I feel it will not only better me as a teacher but also help rid our school days of wasted time and effort.  Charlotte then says (and basically reading my mind), "If she takes the trouble to find a definite and thoughtful answer of these quires, she will be in a position to direct her children's studies; and will, at the same time, be surprised ti find that three-fourths of the time and labour ordinarily spent by the child at his lessons is lost time and wasted energy."
   Charlotte also talks about the growth and stimulation of the mind. She says, "People are apt to overlook the fact that mind must have its ailment- we learn that we may know, not that we may grow." To be honest, I'm still try to digest and understand this. I may write more on it at a later date if I feel I have a better grasp on the subject.

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