Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Thoughts

Today is shaping up to be a right fine day. Jayger called in sick, school was fun and we finished before lunch. The weather is so refreshing so I have all the windows open and the girls have played outside the majority of the morning.

I read these two thoughts this morning. One came from this post on Design Mom, the other in an email from my cousin, Caitlin.

the days are long and the years are short

cultivate the ground you are given

I want to remember these thoughts. I want to dwell on them. I want them to make a difference in my day.

You all should go visit my cousin-in-law/friend/birthday buddy's blog. She's taking a personal challenge in wisdom and posting her thoughts, findings and results of these challenges. Her posts have been very thought provoking and will benefit you if you'll take a few minutes to read them.
Be sure to leave her a comment of encouragement. I know she would appreciate it.


AMAY said...

I love those comments, especially "cultivate the ground you are given". I love that! Thanks for the free advertising!

dsacran said...