Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's 9:23pm (And if Jason were here, he'd say, "Happy Birthday!"because my birthday is September 23rd.)

Sometimes, when he's away, I'll get emails or texts that just say, Happy Birthday. Or sometimes he calls just to say it. And I kind of love it. When he see's it on the clock, he does something about it. :)

It's funny how I'm learning to chill about the mess in the house, and yet the house isn't really any messier than it was before. I think keeping a clean room is really starting to become a habit for the older three girls. The schoolroom becomes a jumble of paper, scissors, glue and stickers every day, but around supper time they clean it all up and the house looks pretty good. As long as I do regular deep cleaning and keep the laundry caught up, it's all ok. And I'm learning to let the schoolroom stay a mess for most of the day, which is also a good thing.

Aunt Kat's coming in this weekend. That's always the most exciting thing ever.
She's coming to see Claire and Eily's ballet recital. You should come too!

Nora seems to have resigned herself to the fact that when I put her down for a nap or at bedtime, she has to stay in her toddler bed and go to sleep. And while it took her a pretty good while to realize this, she was nothing compared to Claire. My goodness, that child was stubborn.

We tried a little potty training today. Nora sat on the potty for about an hour, playing on my phone. Then it was lunch time so she ate lunch and afterwards I told her we should try to go pee pee again. Then Jason called so I got distracted and five minutes later she had gone all over the floor. It seems to always work that way. We are so close and yet miss it every time. Someday...

My oldest nephew turns 15 on Saturday. I remember babysitting him and watching him do his signature dance move in his diaper. And I would like to let the world know that I was his very first date. We watched Monster's Inc. at the theater and I let him get the special kid box which was popcorn, candy and a drink in a Monster's Inc. cup. Now he's taller than I am and driving.


But he still has dimples to die for.
Happy Birthday, Michael!



Debbi said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, he was talking about you just yesterday. Still has a thing for his Aunt B.

nanny said...

love this post and the pictures.

Chad & Bonny Day said...

That is so sweet (Jason saying Happy Birthday!!) How do you get your girls to keep it clean by themselves, I'm impressed. You are supermom. ;) I remember seeing pictures of your nephew on your fridge in that little house in cookeville. Now he's so tall! Time flies huh?