Monday, May 20, 2013


It was a good weekend. It seems like I didn't get to sleep much, but that happens every now and then. Sat night, Eily called me in her room around 3am.

"Eily, what do you need?"
"I need help getting my panties back on."

*slight pause*

"Why are your panties not on you already?"
"Well, I had a dream that I had a crown on and and I needed to take it off but then I woke up and I had taken my panties off instead."

And that's pretty much the way the weekend went; funny things happened, strange things happened, regular things happened. Claire and Eily have their ballet recital this evening and Eily woke up twice last night sobbing because she was so nervous and she didn't want to do it. But then this morning, she came bouncing in so excited that today is recital day. She's a hard one to figure out sometimes.

Kathryn and I have enjoyed a delicious cherry/kale/avocado/flax/caco/honey/chia smoothie this morning and are about to get the day rolling. There's a lot to do to get two little ballerinas ready!


AMAY said...

I love this post!

Debbi said...

love it too! so sweet. Wish I could be at recital. give them kisses from BeBe:)

caitlin said...

that is a monster of a smoothie. i'm impressed. good for you, gettin all them healthy fats!

Anonymous said...

So very glad that she didn't dream she was brushing her teeth!