Monday, May 13, 2013

This day

Today was a busy but nice day.
It had its ups - like sitting on the couch with the girls and watching a movie before bed, making supper with Elaina, watching Nora's obsession with her new shoes (I found her in bed a few minutes ago, still wearing them), getting in some good exercise
It had its downs - Grocery shopping with all four children in the late afternoon, having Nora try to deface me with her fingernails as I'm trying to pay for those groceries, missing Jason

But the biggest up, the best blessing of today, was having my brand new nephew, David, make it through a surgery where they had to remove part of his intestine and then attach the rest to his rectum. He's only nine days old and his parents have amazed me with how well they have handled the whole situation.
Thank you, Lord for such a merciful day.


Anonymous said...

Glad that the surgery went as well as it did!

Anonymous said...

Can you post a link to David's blogspot on here?

Debbi said...