Saturday, January 24, 2009

Go....who, again?

My brother-in-law is the head football coach for the small town that borders my parent's small town. My family (not including us. Too may small ones) usually is very supportive and tries to attend most, if not all, of the games. Last night, Dad asked if we wanted to join him for the basketball game since it was in (another) small town close to our home. I had worked (for the last time) at the grocery store in..say it with parent's small town and was tired but thought it sounded like a fun idea. I stopped by the Blankenship's house to get the girls. I had to change Claire's clothes after I got there and I was holding Eily so I asked Sarah if she wouldn't mind going to the car and getting the sack of clothes out of the back. She wasn't able to find them so she locked the doors and came back in. We saddled up and went out to the car to find the keys locked inside. We went back inside.

Phillip was kind enough to meet Jason at our house and drive him to his house so that he could unlock the car for us and we could go to the game in one vehicle. We stopped by and picked up Mom who was only going to support Josh.

We arrived at the game first and took our seats in the section of the bleachers reserved for the Away team. boo hiss

I started looking around and noticed that the girls that were playing the home team were blue and white and we were red and black. Hmm. I pointed this out to Mom who pondered the whole situation with me. We eventually decided that we'd better just call Dad and inform him that he had gotten the wrong information and Magazine must be playing in another town altogether. His answer? "Nope. I just wanted to see County Line play."

So we cheered and watched and received curious look from the parents of the away team. And we drank coke and ate M&M's and had a maahvelous time.


Debbi said...

how sweet. She's so excited. Claire is actually watching the game:)

nanny said...

That was a funny feeling to go in there expecting Magazine, and it is County Line and Fort Smith. Was a good game though. Made Mark stay until the last buzzer sounded. He likes to leave right before the croud starts. The nice thing about going, though, is that I really did not care who won. Nice feeling there, no worries.