Thursday, January 29, 2009

See. Me.

Elaina read her first two words tonight. Tear Sniff Sniff

Right now she is "drawing beautiful" and "not going outside the lines!!" Here's a picture of the masterpiece. Notice the frayed edges accomplished by the upside down scissor technique not known to many adults.


Debbi said...

I don't know why my comment didn't come thru.

I said" Elaina just melted our hearts tonight talking to us" and I love her coloring in the lines. Then I said to Jason "yee-miss-kak-ee".

Sir Spatula Flip-a-Lot said...

Yeeee mis-kak-ee, indeed. How great! Tell Elaina that I'm very impressed and am happy that she's reading and coloring so well. and using those fancy scissor techniques.