Monday, August 10, 2009

The rain smells wondeful!!

We are having the most luscious smelling summer rain at this very moment. I went outside a few minutes before it started and just walked around the yard trying to find little bits of paper that might have tumbled upon our yard throughout the day. I mowed the front and most of the side yard a little of the back yard this afternoon. Jason mowed the rest. We have a nest of dragonflies somewhere in our backyard and every time we started the mower they would swarm all around us but never touch or bite. I actually enjoyed their presence although Claire did not. She wanted to go outside and swing and we wouldn't let her just in case they had decided they were mad and in attack mode.

I have a question. I just spellchecked that last paragraph. It is telling me that incase should be
in case. Which is correct? I always thought there was no space but I usually assume The Computer to be smarter than me when it comes to spelling. Unless it tries to tell me that Ceridwen is spelled wrong. (Which it always does.) When that is the case I just laugh in its face and ignore its bright yellow highlight.

We are headed to the Rich Mountain Association Thursday. Jason cannot go because of lots and lots of work. I am really excited because I haven't been there since either the day Lyndol and Alisa got married or the day that I backed into Adam's red car. I can't remember which event took place first but I do know that I went to Hot Springs on both occasions and one of them was my last visit.

Guess what? My van is almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Debbi said...

hooray for the van:)

Well, I'm "mrs. scrabble queen" and I say the spelling is
"incase"!!! now if I was saying "my clothes are in the case...we'd have to add the word THE, but we are saying "just incase"
you are right!!!!! ignore the highlights!!ha.ha.

Melanie Hodges said...

You are hilarious! It should be in case because incase is not actually a word. Not in the three dictionaries I just looked in anyway!