Friday, August 07, 2009

This 'n That

I feel like I have been in a blogging slump for so long now. Probably since May 12th. That car being gone has sucked the life out of me. Not really of course, but I do think I shall give her a big ol' hug the next time that I see her.

The two oldest girls are back on my bed watching Elmo's Potty Time. Let me rephrase that.
The two fully-trained, have been wearing panties for months/years girls are back on my bed totally engrossed in Elmo's Potty Time. Have you seen it? You should. It has all the word variations for poop and pee.

I am trying to decide what curriculum to start using this September with Elaina and Claire. We are a part of the homeschool co-op now and I feel like it is time for Elaina to get a feel of what school is all about. Claire is just tagging along for the ride. I think I have decided on My Father's World. I still want to check out a few other options before I make my final decision. Any suggestions are completely welcome. QS, what did you start out with? Your children seem excessively bright in the areas that I am weak and I really want the girls to get a well rounded education.

Eily has a personality now. It's a little scary. She seems very opinionated and stubborn. But I still love her. Today we were playing a kissing game and her mouth made the cutest shapes while trying to kiss several times in a row very fast.

Jason accepted a position as an adjunct professor at the college. He is very excited and so far his work seems ok with working around the class time. He is going to be teaching a 2-D Design class to highschool students who are earning college credit.

I have started selling Pampered Chef products. I love it and have had such a good time finding my "show groove." I have my 4th show tonight and for the first time I am not nervous. I feel a tad bit confident.

Check out this! There's another one!

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The other Ceridwen

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Sis said...

Oh my. "South African wine farm empowerment projects"?

Let me think about that for a little while. You may have more in common with the other Ceridwen than meets the eye. I think I could see you empowering a South African wine farm. After all, you changed a flat tire in ten minutes with three kids under age 6 in tow and still made it to Story Hour on time. Heh-heh.