Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sorry for the gap in posts but Blogger was being a "cranky button."

When I was a little girl, after we had a nice summer rain, my mom would take us all to the low spot in the driveway and let us play in the mud puddles. We would strip down to our underwear and then once we were all through, she would spray us off and we would play outside until we were dry and we never once got back in the mud. She was a smart woman.

The other day I decided I would take the girls on their first mudwalk. We don't have the luxury of having a mostly private yard so there was no stripping and no hosing and no playing in our underwear until we were dry.

We just walked out to the small ditch in the front yard and the girls had fun running in the mud. I finally had to get down with them and show them how to get their hands dirty and make awesome mud cakes and pies. Elaina LOVED it. Claire liked it. Eily hated it.

It was so fun but the next time it is scheduled to rain I think I will take the girls to Nanny's house and show them what a real mud walk is all about!


Debbi said...

I LOVE it!!!!
When we were small, it would rain and if no lightening type storms....we would get to take our umbrellas and stroll around with them. It was so much fun. We lived in Nashville in a big city neighborhood...so no stripping for us either.ha.
Daddy had a sister, Aunt Nell, and she lived in Cookeville. If we were there...she let us all make mudpies...and actually cook them in her oven!!! She was so0000 much fun.
i didn't let anyone cook mudpies in my oven though.ha.
I did write a poem for her funeral (family request) and The mudpies in the oven were a memory in her poem.
She was FUN!!!
BEfore moving to Nashville, we lived in the country and I too have memories of being in our underware getting hosed off (we called it getting squirted:)
all of the cousins...and us and Goo would hose us down. We'd scream and run and have a blast!
Kids need to know how to enjoy dirt!ha. And bubble baths later.ha.
Fun moms are a treasure!!!

Emily Baker said...

Hey! It's cool to see your blog! I'll link it to mine so that I can keep up with you!