Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Dr. Travis, maybe you could bring your table to my house.

Eily has been running a fever for two days. She acts like she feels very, very yucky. We were supposed to go to Toddler Hour, the chiro and Chuck E. Cheese today but the first two didn't happen. Audrey finished her last reading lesson this week so her reward was to go to CEC. Since Elaina and Claire had been so excited about it, Ashlie came and picked them up on their way. It was a sweet gesture on Ashlie's part because that means she will be watching 6 kids. Fun.

I really needed to go to the chiro. I have a rib on my right side that is always slipping out of place. Now that I have been exercising it has really been a pain. Every time I do a crunch it pops and feels so icky. Maybe Eily will get well soon and maybe no one else will get this.

That's not very likely to happen.

I would also like to say that I am about to go do Day 4 of my exercising and I can already tell a huge difference in my endurance. Also, in my bladder control. Bring on those jumping jacks!
(Sorry if I have offended any males but it's a true side effect of having those little babies that you drool over. Things like jumping jacks and trampolines can be very scary and sometimes embarrassing once one has experienced childbirth.)


Debbi said...

I would not do crunches until your rib is back in place. I've had one out and it is horrible. Remember...your rib could injure your lung!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the 30 day shred? Also, what exercises are making a "huge difference" in bladder control? I assume you're doing something other than kegels?

thanks. Enjoyed your blog today!

Ceridwen said...

It's a Jilliam Michaels' exercise program and the bladder control thing? Jumping jacks. Amazing what they can accomplish.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, jumping jacks. I'd think that would be counter-productive! I'll have to try some. I've had 4 children and could use a little "shred" in my abdominals...if not other spots! Thanks :)

Ceridwen said...

At first they were very (!) conter-productive but you have to at least try to hold it in as you are jumping and believe it or not, it makes that muscle stronger. :) By day 4 it all stayed where it was supposed to.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous - and I appreciate your candor!

Anything in that "shred" to firm up a flabby "fallen" rear? Seriously. I'm going to have to check into some sort of exercise video - I've lost my weight, but the "flabbiness" persists - ugh!

Ceridwen said...

It pretty much takes over your whole body. But the best thing for your badonkadonk is to get an exercise ball, lay on it with your tummy on the ball, roll forward a little and raise one leg up and down at a 90 degree angle while the other foot is touching the floor. You will feel it within a few seconds. It burns and you won't want to sit for a day or two.

I don't know who you are but I've enjoyed chatting with you. :)

Ceridwen said...

My friend told me that the Susanne Bowen pilates videos are wonderful, btw.