Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Kidding!

I have been in such a creative slump here lately. I used to think of the best posts all throughout the day and most never made it to the computer but they were good. Now I think of nothing. Nada. Zilch. I used to write the most hilarious posts while I took a shower. It's too bad I didn't have a voice recorder in there because by the time I was actually at the computer I could never remember the paragraphs that had been created earlier. So you would just end up reading some lame "I love this/these" type post. Cheating posts, I call them. One post was about past clothing. Specifically, large, elastic waist-banded blue flowered culottes that were the complete basis for my wardrobe in the 7th grade. In 9th grade I had moved on from culottes to skirts that came to my ankles. I had a skirt that became known as My Ever Familiar Skirt. It was brown with little flowers on it. And I wore it EVERY DAY. No kidding. I hated having to always wear a skirt in public and this skirt was the only skirt I owned that didn't make me feel like a complete loser when I was the only girl at the horse club not wearing riding pants. It was, to me, barely stylish and I was clinging to that since everything else I owned was not stylish at all. I mean, AT ALL. I still own this skirt. I put it on about once every 2 or 3 years just to smile and remember all the good I-want-to-go hide-in-the-corner-and-be-invisible moments.

In the 6th grade I a wore a mini skirt everyday. No kidding! I was a rebel. Wait a minute, That's not right. I wasn't a rebel. That was just my delusion talking. I did wear a mini-skirt but it was a blue jean mini skirt with a foot of eyelet lace sewed on to the bottom so that it hit me below the knees. Sometimes, when I actually did want to be a rebel, I would go into the ladies bathroom and tuck the lace up under the skirt and stand and twist and look at myself and imagine what it would be like if I actually could let the world see my knees. In college I did buy a blue jean mini skirt but I never had the guts to wear it. Thankfully. It's no one's business what my scar covered knees look like. But it was there, hanging in my closet, letting me know that I was a dork.

I want to share a picture with you. You need to prepare yourself b/c it is rough. You might cringe. You might even cry. Maybe I shouldn't post it and spare you the agony. Nah. At least you aren't in the picture (well, some of you are). Ok. I think I will start with something a little less shocking.
Here we have Sarah sporting our Nana's old swimming suit. Cute, isn't she?

Next up, we have me in an outfit that I made myself and was quite proud of. I also considered this extremely fashionable.
I'm just easing you in, by the way.

Below, you will see two different pictures of me in My Ever Familiar Skirt. Notice once the cold weather hit I added sock to the ensemble. Snazzy.

It's about to get ugly.
This is "us." Aren't we looking goooood. Mmh! I'm the one front and center. The one with the hair that apparently got overlooked that day. The one with white socks and Keds.
And now for the big one. It's so bad. I'm laughing so hard right now. Don't just glance at this picture. Study it. The longer you look the more you will laugh. Check out the placement of Rachel's waistband. Check out Asa's pants. Check out my mini skirt. Check out Anna's skirt. And then, go make sure your children are wearing something appropriate. Or, (I like this idea better) put them in some of your old clothes and take a picture so that later in life they will have something to blog about.
Jesse, Anna, Matt, Rachel (snicker, snicker), Asa (guffaw), Luke, Me, Stephanie, Leah


elliebird said...
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elliebird said...

just so you know, i belly laughed at this post. and i hate that expression because it always gives the impression that the person belly laughing has a huge belly. but i dont. i promise.

anyway. also just so you know, keds are back in. with a vengeance. except they aren't worn with socks. and the things that they are worn with are actually cute, so that makes the sneakers cute (i.e. a knee length sundress with white keds. very cute. or on guys, with straight leg jeans and..whatever shirt they happen to be wearing. but not white keds for guys. navy blue or red or...a different color. but not white.) grandma doesn't even know how in style she is. :)

nanny said...

too funny. But!!! that school had a dress code and it was no pants for girls. I think you were cute in your rebel skirt!!

Ceridwen said...

Well, it was Dad's dress code also. At least my waist band isn't on my chest like Rachel's is.:)

Anonymous said...

Have your own opinion, but I think I look stunning. And one cannot fight where one's waist lies.

Nardo said...

I agree, we all were fashion plates, but...
look at Stephanie's bananna hair clip.
And, if I am not mistaken, those culottes were the ones that Grandma made me for HH and they are covered in teddy bears. When someone says they wore their clothes out, they have nothing on me. Kathryn, Molly and I found them in the bottom of Grandma's dresser drawer several years ago. The seat was actually black. No patten or color, just black.