Saturday, October 03, 2009

It brings my blood to a boil, but in a good way. (Pun intended)

All my life I have tried to figure out what is my "thing." I enjoy a lot of different hobbies. I enjoy singing, playing (at) the piano, taking pictures, cooking, scrap booking, horse riding, sewing, etc... I have give all a fair shot at being proclaimed "The Thing." But there is only one that truly makes my stomach get tingly when I think about it. Only one thing that I could spend hours reading about. One thing I could experimenting with and not get a least a little bit bored. One thing that if there is a gift in the Secret Santa that relates to it I will not be playing nice and will end up with that gift. One thing that I will always, always, always want to do.
I love to cook. I love to cook. I love to cook.

I could let it completely consume me if I didn't have better sense.
When the girls get a little bit older I look forward to spending some serious blocks of time developing my knowledge of cooking. Learning about ratios and how they are the means for being able to cook anything without a recipe. I get giddy at the thought.

I have a Holiday Entertaining cookbook and it has been calling out to me for two years. "Open me! Use me! Throw a party!"
This year I am obeying. I would like to announce the first ever Annual Holiday Sacran Dinner. I want everyone that wants to come, come. But... I will have to have an accurate head count so RSVP is mandatory. One thing you should know, it will be good, it will be clean and it will be fun.
The date is still pending but I would love to hear how many of you are interested in the idea, if you think it would be better to do it before Christmas or right afterwards, etc... I will have to limit the guest list at some point so it's somewhat a first come, first serve basis and once I get a feel for how many people are interested I can figure out what the cut off number is. I might even have a certain number of tickets available. My brain is still trying to figure out the best way to do this. Children will be welcome so don't worry about having to find a babysitter and if I do use the ticket idea they won't require them. I would love to meet some of you far away readers and also hook up with the familiar faces. Oohhhh, I'm getting so excited just thinking about this!! Ahh!!!
Please, give me feedback!


Chad & Bonny Day said...

I want to come! Depends on the date though.

nanny said...

I'm in. Can I bring your Dad? I promise to make him behave!!!

Nardo said...

i am in!