Monday, October 26, 2009

A FactList

Fact 1. My house stinks. Eily has pooped a lot this morning.

Fact 2. I have 133 SwagBucks.

Fact 3. I cannot decide if I want to cash them in and have another contest or hold out for the $20 Target e-card and use it for myself.

Fact4. My rib is still out and it hurts.

Fact 5. I am going to see the Pioneer Woman in Little Rock in 2 weeks. She is going to sign my cookbook.

Fact 6. I am already tired of being home and I haven't been home all weekend.

Fact 7. This is Jason's last full week at the Art Center. Woot!

Fact 8. I am going to be in a cook-off over Thanksgiving weekend.

Fact 9. My two oldest girls are walking around wearing the following:
Elaina- panties, Eily's coat, blue rain boots
Claire- bikini cut orange polka dotted panties worn backwards which has created quite
the wedgie, pink cowgirl boots, Jason's Buddy Holly glasses, and a Teletubbie bag that contains all of our Mr. Potato Head toys.

Fact 10: The door is shut and the blinds are drawn and apparently for good reason. (see fact 9)

Happy Monday, everyone!


elliebird said...

Who is the cookoff going to be against? And may I eat the results? :)

Debbi said...

HAAAAAAAAA! Gotta love kids! I'm almost finished with the "laundry" of all the clothes I'm sending the girls:) I will send them clean and ready...even though they will prefer to wear "panties & rainboots"!ha.ha.
Love you!

Androphenese said...

you should save for the Target gift carda and use it yourself