Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time for another one

I am alone with the girls this weekend. Except for a quick trip to the grocery store tomorrow to get more milk we aren't going anywhere. We are staying here and getting things done!

Therefore, here is another list:

My Weekend List

1. Get the house completely cleaned (the deep kind of cleaning) from top to bottom, left to right
2. Get the front and back yards mowed
3. Get the PC advertisement ideas going and possibly accomplished
4. Get laundry done
5. Order mini catalogs (this one's iffy)
6. Go through the picture cd's and label them
7. Get PC bag ready to go for the show on Monday
8. Stay happy and don't gripe at the girls

This morning on the way to school, the girls and I started talking about God and how he was everywhere all the time. I explained that He was in the car with us and it became so real to me and all day I have felt Him near. It makes a difference in your day when that thought is constantly on your mind. It makes a difference in how I talked for sure and I don't mean bad language because I don't use language to begin with. I mean in the tone of my voice. I can be pretty cranky sounding to the girls and it is really showing in the way they talk to each other. Especially in the way Claire talks. The other night Jason and I had a pretty big argument and now thinking back and picturing God there listening to what I said and how I said it makes me ashamed and sad and very, very embarrassed.

I hope this "strong feeling of presence" stays around. I can use it.


elliebird said...

I had a thought very similar to that yesterday! Vewy vewy stwange. Go check out my latest blog post. Kinda a weird coincidence.

Debbi said...

Big hug:) God is blessing you as you teach the girls as well! Love you!