Saturday, January 30, 2010

Deck the halls with cheerios and play-doh, fa, la, la, la, la....

Well. First things first. It snowed. I mean really, really snowed. This is the first you-can-play-in-it snow that Jason and I have ever shared together. It was so fun and if the girls weren't already sick we would have played in it for hours.

Second. My house is in its worst state of all times. It is just so messy. So, I fgured that at some point in your life you had let a room that you were responsible for just get away from you so therefore you wouldn't judge me too much for what I am about to do. I am going to share the disaster and then share the cleaned version. Please still love me. Please still come to my house. Please don't judge me.

I didn't take a before picture of the kitchen but here's the after shot.

Isn't it so nice and clean? It leaves you feeling so peaceful...but wait! No! Don't do that! Do not look to your right!

I told you not to. That still doesn't seem too bad, right? Let's look closer.

See. It get's worse the more you look.  But even that mess seems like something you could knock out rather quickly in a day. But then you turn around. *shudder* I can not believe I am showing you this.

Oh. My. Word.  How horrible is that? Never mind. Don't answer me. Look at the clothes waiting to be washed again. That's right. AGAIN.

These are almost all "clean." They were dumped on the living room couch on a day that I had devoted to laundry and then this and that got in the way and they never got folded. And then they got trampled on and sat on and burrowed in and rolled on. I decided the best way to tackle this situation is to rewash everything and fold the clothes AS THEY COME OUT. So far it's working. Back to the other messes. Look at Eily's area of the dining room. Blech.

Double blech.

It looks like I had swept this in a pile but I hadn't. There was just so much that it started to be a thick layer of grossness.

Even Pink Bear looked forlorn all cast aside in the rubble.

So yesterday I cleaned the kitchen and then today I cleaned the dining room. I mean some deep, deep cleaning.

Now these pictures I am more than happy to share. :)   (Notice these are all extra-large.)

Let's zoom in on the floor where all the laundy was earlier.

Ahhhhh. It feels good to be able to breathe again. Unfortunantly, we are about to turn to the left. Here we go again.

And this is where I start tonight. I have to go fold the rest of laundry and then start in on this, this terrible, awful situation.  Believe me, there will be after pictures posted very soon.

Hope you feel good about yourself now.

just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming...


elliebird said...

you can do it, you can do it!

very cute snow hat by the way. you look like a mom off of a magazine cover.

Debbi said...

love the SNOW pics. precious.

I laughed at BEAR ...he looked like a murder victim left in the carnage of a break in!ha.ha. Just kiddin'

nanny said...

I love your house no matter what state it is in. Although, clean does feel better. Poor Eily. in some of the snow pictures, she looks like she is just not sure she likes this cold wet stuff. Good pictures though. Remember, after swimming, you get to rest!!! just keep swimming, just keep swimming....ahhh rest!!!!!!!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

And it will just be messy again the next day. That's how I feel. I loved this it made me feel so mmuch better that my house gets as messy as your house or even messier sometimes. I thought about putting pictures up of my messy house the other day and I just didn't have the courage to do it. GO REBEKAH! lol. Thanks for the comment by the way! I love your house.

Melanie Hodges said...

Oh my goodness! You always make me laugh soo hard! Thanks, because you have made me feel better. My family was back and forth to GA for the better part of January, and we got back almost a week ago and I still haven't unpacked. The kids and I are living out of suitcases. I really, really, really cleaned hard yesterday - so hard that I fear I have messed up my rotator cuff - in terrible pain - that today I still haven't cleaned up the eggs off of the floor or high chair. What's worse is when it came time for lunch, I may have cleaned the eggs off of the floor, but now, Bethany is simply sitting in the eggs from this morning...hey, at least she made it to the high chair! Thanks for the laugh and I say, you can't have it spotless all of the time! Love ya! Mel

Wanda said...

It is more important that you took the time to play in the snow!!! It is very hard to keep a house clean when you have small kids (and when you don't) Mine usually looks ok to others, but *I* know what needs to be done.

If you ever see the tv show "Clean House" it will make anyone feel better about your housekeeping - I used to think it 'had to be staged' - but I think some people really live that way YIKES Cody's room is not nearly as bad as that show LOL He always says "what's wrong with my room? :) If it gets to the point that I threaten to start cleaning it - he gets into action, because he is a pack rat and some of those things just look like trash to me :) He does keep his bathroom pretty clean (it is our main bathroom it is near his room so he is usually the only one to use it - so it is his responsibily to clean it. I also give him credit for being the vacumer (sp) of the whole house. All of us clean the kitchen, so that's cool. Cody is also the "trash taker outer" LOL

I do tend to leave off dusting more than any other chore - kitchen & baths most always clean - but there is a spot on the kitchen table that piles up - since we only use 3 of the chairs on a daily basis, it is on the "guest spot" LOL

All of that to say, Love you no matter about the "state of house cleaning" - you are a great wife & mom and as I said that's the most important thing!
Love from your "dusty house" auntie.

Margaretta said...

Rebekah, your cloche hat is too adorable. It makes your face look so 1920's.

I almost wish now I had taken a picture of my kitchen three days ago, before Dan and I tackled it-- yes, it took two of us. Picture so many dirty dishes that there was only a foot of counter showing. Yeah. And I don't even have children. But I do have college, and these days that seems about as troublesome as a kid.

Nah, nevermind. I don't wish I had taken a picture.

mighty mom said...

Yay for you for making me feel better about me!! lol I got mine semi-cleaned before the snow storm hit, then the kids were out of school and cooped up for a few days--now it looks uninhabitable by humans again, hehe. Just keep swimming--use arm floaties if you have to! ;-)