Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This blog has taken a back seat to the rest of my duties the past month or so. It needed to because there were too many other things that desperately needed attention. And, because we never sleep anymore. Our children slept through the night on January 7th. And that is it. I think it was their anniversary present to us and now that our anniversary is past they no longer feel the need to let us sleep. I know that this season will pass just like all the other trying times have passed but man, oh man, do I wish that the passing would hurry up and get here. Last night, Jason got two hours of sleep. Just two hours. I think I got around four or five hours which is pretty good these days. We pretty much just get through the day as best we can and cross our fingers that this night will be the night.

Our house still hasn't sold. :(

My living room carpets are clean thanks to mom and they look amazingly better. So pretty.

Jason shaved off his facial hair for our anniversary and he's growing it back now. I think he looks good with the hair but my favorite look is when he is clean-shaven. I guess I'll have to wait another year to see that face again.

I have new tights. They're cool.

I think Eily might be getting her second set of molars. She is a dripping faucet all the time now.

Claire is turing into a kid. Like, as in not a baby.

Elaina is allergic to something all the time.
She usually looks like this:

My awful haircut is growing out fast and it's actually fixable now.

What's going on with you?


Nardo said...

well, Lillie is sporting a new haircute that makes her look much too old.

My babysitting is only going so,so.

I am going to start running again tomorrow.

We are house hunting!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

You should post a pic of Jason with & without facial hair. I wanna see. I sent the pillow with Chad this week. I wonder what is wrong with Alaina? Poor thing!! I haven't used your cookbook, but only because I haven't cooked once since you gave it to me. I've been going to My momma's house b/c Britt is still here. I can't wait to try it out. My lips are chapped and I need chapstick..I think i'll go put some on right now...I will pray that your kids sleep tonight!

Debbi said...

do I need to pic up the pillow? I'm not going into Mr. Day's office until ya'll tell me I need to.

I can NOT believe...I forgot ya'lls anniversay!!!! Time is just flying by too fast. Sorry. I'm still catching up from "overload" in the last few months and i have NO memory!

ya'll know we love you! (how was that for a weak way of saying "sorry":)
Hope you get sleep soon. I didn't sleep all night once Jason was born...for 5 years. Then, all fell into place. It is rough going.
Pa is going to have a total right shoulder replacement.