Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jason stayed out with Claire a bit longer than the rest of us so that she could model.


Ceridwen said...

And she really was modeling. She was turning and doing exactly what he was telling her to do.

nanny said...

beautiful girl!!!!!!! you just want to grab her and give her a great big bear hug!!!!!!! A 'Claire Bear" type hug!!!!!!!

Wanda said...

Very beautiful model - and cool that she was taking "direction" from the "director" :)

Debbi said...

She is just adorable. That FACE when she smiles is SO heart stopping. When she puffs up it is cute too.ha.
She told me on the phone that SHE got to stay out longer...just her and daddy...she was so excited for special daddy time.
I hope Jason understands, as a dad, how important that is for little girls. it will make them or break them emotionally.
It warmed my heart that Clarie was so excitedly sharing that with me. She said the snow was cold...but I was out with just me and daddy!

Debbi said...

p.s. she looks like Elaina in the 1st photo.