Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is Claire

This is Claire happy and content.

This is Claire being silly.

This is Claire building a castle.

This is Claire building a castle with Eily looking on very interested.

This is Claire almost through building her castle.

This is Claire with her finished castle.

This is Eily knocking down Claire's castle.

This is Claire telling off Eily.

This is Claire pouting.

This is Claire still whining.

This is Claire showing us her "hmpph" face.

This is Eily happy that Claire has abandonded the blocks in her huffiness.

This is Claire showing just how upset she is at Eily.

This is Claire.


nanny said...

Poor baby!! I have been there. I had a brother that always ruined what I was doing. Poor baby!!!!!

Mighty Mom said...

Ahahaha . . . looks like a day at my house!! She and Ally have VERY similar personalities, it sounds like. lol

Debbi said...

I hope Eily "got shamed" or punished (for Claire to see)for destroying Claire's fun. I'm on Claire's side....
I had to be very strict with Jason doing things to his brothers "masterpeices".
Poor Claire...I'd be upset too.
I guess Eily in her boots...felt powerful!ha.
but, if she's big enough to do it...she's big enough to NOT do it:)
Claire is so cute in all her stages of facial that baby.

Chad & Bonny Day said...

haha! Love it!!

Debbi said...

Bubba laughed SO HARD at this! he said "oh, my precious Claire". He loved her hair how it's growing and her sweet face. He cracked up at Eily's satisfied face and her in her boots. He said "oh my...little monkey"!ha. Rascal like her daddy!ha.
I've not seen him laugh that much in a long time.ha.

Katie said...

HAha.. Claire makes me laugh.. I adore her.

Wanda said...

GREAT job you did documenting the drama - see, it is HARD to be the older sister ;)