Saturday, January 23, 2010

That'll show you!

Claire: "Elaina! I am not going to be your best friend tomorrow! Humph!"


Debbi said...

Hilarious! She is so advanced in her thought processes!LOL
What did Elaina say? Just laughed I bet.

nanny said...

my sister use to say," I'll remember!"if I did not do what she wanted me to do. for some reason, that always bothered me as a child. Now, I know better. Neither one of us is going to remember anything the older we get.

Debbi said...

I was so DUMB that Wanda held a goofy thing over my head for several years. I was her slave.Then I got tired of it and finally told Mom. Mom laughed! It wasn't even the END OF THE WORLD after all!
Wanda stills laughs at how dumb I was.
All I did was touch the adding machine at the local candy store (this was in the old days) and the paper rolled out. The man said don't touch the machine....and Wanda told me that Mama would kill me if she found out that I touched the adding machine!!!
I thought I had torn up his way of charging for his groceries!!!! What did I know?
Those tile floors in winter sure were COLD each night as she woke me up to go her a tissue to blow her nose and such other odd slave jobs!LOL

Gwendolyn said...

Sometimes I know how she feels.

Wanda said...

My oh my, what a wonderful "slave" LOL - I will NOT go into what *I* had to put up with... being the big sister is hard work - keeping the young one "in line" ;)