Saturday, March 06, 2010

And another one that will probably not come across as I want it to.

Sometimes I miss ignorance. While I was showering this morning I was trying to decide if I should use the paraben-free Arbonne body wash or use the paraben-full Bath and Body Works body wash that I got for free with coupons a while back. I can't stand to not finish a bottle but I have a hard time using it now that I know what is in it. I don't want to be unaware of things that are harmful to my body but for some reason, this morning I just wanted to forget. I wanted to go back to college where I loved the body products that I was using b/c I really felt like I was benefiting my body and doing what was best for it. (I don't have a clue what those things were now but I'm sure they were full of parabens.) I'm not saying that I don't want to know or don't care. I'm glad that I'm learning about what is best for me but for some reason, unexplainable even to myself, I guess I wanted to be ignorant. To feel innocent. To feel young. And somehow, in that moment, all those things were related.

See? That made no sense, did it?
Elaina just walked in here and said, "Mommy? Don't you want to start calling me something else because I'm bored of Elaina."

Me: "Like Twig?" (That's what Jason calls her all the time.)

Her: "No... Maybe you could call me Cutie. Cutie Elaina. I like that."


nanny said...

she is a cutie!!!

Debbi said...

how adorable!!!!
and.......I do relate to missing "being ignorant" to all things that can no longer be denied!!!! and it's hard wasting things...but, do you know an ignorant person to give it to?ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.
Love ya, BeBe