Thursday, March 04, 2010

Let me clarify this or... Luther Hauges wouldn't write a retraction but I will. (sort of)

Fact: If it weren't for Aunt Melissa this blog would have a dumb title.

Fact: if it weren't for Aunt Melissa, I would only know of green beans and corn.

Fact: I love to see Aunt Melissa. Always. Period.

Fact: I'm glad that she makes me aware that my children need haircuts b/c usually I am completely unaware and once it is pointed out I am embarassed that I hadn't noticed it on my own.

Fact: She'd better keep reminding me b/c otherwise they might start to look awful.

Fact: They currently look awful. (I am happy to say that I did notice Claire's stringyness on my own. First time for me!)

Fact: Aunt Melissa is one of My Favorites.

Fact:: I did not do a good job typing that last post. It didn't come across as I was meaning it to come across.

Fact: I got it at Belsons. $3.95.

Fact: I had to check and make sure I typed the correct price. I did. I don't know why I ever doubt myself when it comes to that movie. I should know I'm an expert.

Fact: I'm an expert when it comes to The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

Peace and Love. Peace and Love.


Ceridwen said...

In response to your comment onthe last post:
What are you sorry for? It's a good thing. And you'd better care b/c it makes me feel loved and as if I am yours.

Sis said...

you are.


Sis said...'s Heggs...Luther Heggs.

rachel tsunami said...

"Way t' go, Luther!"