Monday, March 29, 2010

It was really more of a you-had-to-be-there type of moment.

I was getting the bath ready for the girls and non-clothed Claire came up beside me. I said, "Claire, you smell like urine."
Elaina: "What's urine?
Me: "Pee-pee."
Elaina: "Oh. Well I just urined there." (pointing to the toilet.)

I laughed.


Katie said...


Debbi said...

now, don't be like Uncle Lewis Johnson and have your kids saying "deffacate" (I can't even spell it properly.ha.)
Once his daughter said "Dad, I have to suffocate"!ha.ha. bless her heart. what a word to 'bout...
gotta poo? ha. Wanda ragged him for years over that.ha.
Elaina is so great!!!

Wanda said...

I am just now looking through and catching up reading this blog for the first time in FOREVER - when I read Debbi's comment, I almost spit out my coffee - we sure have unsophisticated my husband ;) He is now on board with the use of terms of "baby output" - I will say he has a way about him that I love - quiet, but when he does get a chance to speak, he can be not only wise, but very funny :) The one thing I admire most about him is his listening skills - I have learned so much from him - reminds me of a song - "you say it best when you say nothing at all"

How wierd that I turned the subject of "pee pee/poo poo" into a romantic feeling toward Lewis. I hope there are no Halmark commercials on today!!! I have been emotional lately to say the least.

Bekah, I love your blog and can never thank you enough for sharing information so that I can really feel like Aunt Wanda did not lose "her baby Jason" - I can still know him and his beautiful family because of you.

Love and Kisses to you, my precious niece, who makes my precious nephew so happy. My cup runneth over - to have the privilege of being not only an aunt, but now a great aunt, I praise God for the blessings He has bestowed.

Aunt Wanda