Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Today started out great, got really, really rough and is ,thankfully, very pleasant again. After Eily woke up from her nap we all migrated into the playroom to build towers and puzzles. Love, love, love it.

It's almost time for the extended Family Day! Woo Hoo!! This means that I am about to see Aunt Melissa which means that I am about to be made aware that Eily's hair needs a trim. This always happens right when her hair becomes long enough to put into a ponytail or even better, pig tails. But despite the tails, it is true. She's looking a little shaggy.


Debbi said...

Shaggy is good too:)

Sis said...


When I first read your post, in my mind I was reading, "Woo Hoo! Family Day! I Get To see Aunt Melissa." Which of course made me very happy.

Then I realized you actually said, "I am About To see Aunt Melissa." Which of course is not at all the same thing as Get To, and made me feel very ... uh-oh ...

I promise I won't say a word at Family Day. In fact, I promise I won't even think a thing. Because...come closer, I'll let you in on a little secret.........I don't really, actually care...

But I am really, actually sorry.
And I can't wait til I Get To look you in the eye and tell you so.

Love you.

Love your print.