Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a quick hello

So sorry to have left you all for such a long time. I have been flitting about, here and there and actually getting things accomplished which feels wonderful!

I have started the girls on a chore list and I don't know why I didn't start this years ago. In the mornings, we eat, get dressed, have devotions and then the girls start on their chores. This usually takes most of the morning which means there are zero messes made before lunch. Quite the opposite, in fact. And because the girls clean the rooms they don't mess them up. They get out a toy or two and are satisfied with that for quite a while. While they are doing their chores, I do mine so by lunch time the entire house is cleaned and the laundry is started, if not finished.

Today, we made banana bread. The top is dark and the inside is gooey. Any tips? Is the a common problem for banana bread or is it just us? Both loaves did this.

Time to prepare for my show tonight. Have a lovely afternoon!


Chad & Bonny Day said...

Mine always does it. What are their chores? You coming to TN?

Sis said...

how did your show go?

Ceridwen said...

It went well. There were only 4 people at the show and I got three bookings. The one that didn't book lives in Kansas. She should end up with a 500 dollar show. That's my goal so I'm happy.

Elaina gathers the trash, makes her bed, brushes her teeth, picks up her room and set the table for supper. Claire makes her bed, brushes her teeth, picks up the playroom, gathers the dirty laundry and set the table at supper too.

They also have to take the clothes from the dryer to the couch when there is a load ready and they have to put away their panties and socks.

Ceridwen said...

We are leaving for TN saturday. We are going to stay with Louis and Abi sat night and then go on to Smithville Sunday.

Anonymous said...

What kind of show was it? I gather you're a rep for something? I have a friend who sells Silpada, is it something like that?

Ceridwen said...

I sell Pampered Chef. Love, love, love it.