Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm so ashamed.

I typically check out at the grocery store with a cart full of healthy food. No candy/sugary items, as organic as I can get and hopefully whole grain bread products.  I have been super duper cranky this morning and I was feeling like I would go crazy if I didn't get out so I told Jason I was going to run to the grocery store to get something different for lunch. The girls usually eat a lunch that consists of something crunchy (crackers, pretzels, etc...), fruit, a vegetable (leftover from supper or carrot sticks or something like that), and a meat.
Today, in my cranky and strange mood, I shopped using my stomach instead of my head. My cart held the following:
Nutty Bars
5 boxes of pop tarts (I don't even know if the girls like pop tarts. Not a smooth move.)
Double Chocolate Chip cookie dough
Ice Cream
Hot Dogs
Potato Chips
Cherry Orchard Yogurt (ok. confession. this is a staple for me.)
A VERY LARGE Frappachinno
2 Organic milk cartons (was I kidding myself?)
Frozen real fruit popsicles
Applesauce (that wasn't too bad a decision)
Fruit cups (another one that wasn't too awful)

As I was walking to the checkout counter I called my sister, Rachel, and told her what was in my basket and was laughing at myself and knowing that I would regret filling this cart.

As soon as I got home I put up the groceries, slurped down the last of my frappachinno and got lunch going for the girls. It was chips and hot dogs. So, so very bad. I also got those DCC cookies going in the oven. I sat down to check my email while the cookies were baking and saw that someone had written on my facebook wall. "Rachel J**** sent you a message." clicked on link  "You can do it Rebekah! Stay strong!"

I did not eat a hot dog. I did not eat ice cream. I did not eat a cookie. I did not eat a Nutty Bar. I ate a 200 calorie frozen meal that I had and 3 chips. (the chips were before the message)

Thank you, Rachel.


elliebird said...

you sound like us. we were at the lake all this week and we pretty much bought and ate whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. it was pretty much amazing. but now i'm regretting it.

Melissa said...

So proud of you! So strong!
...way better than me today! :o)

Katie said...

Haha.. Great job resisting all those things that sound good...

Debbi said...

I hope you are just being healthy and NOT dieting???? you are in great shape!
I've made this medical diet...with only 11 more days to go:)
Hope I stay strong afterward and am able to leave alot of junk out of my life forever????we'll see:)
After 11 weeks I think I've detoxed alot of cravings out of my life...i'm sure easier to "get them back"!LOL
Hang in there. I'm sure Jason and the girls will eat all the junk with "glee":)