Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yesterday in the car Elaina asked me, "Mom, are you always hungry?" I replied that I was not and she said, "Well, me, Daddy, Scooby and Shaggy are!"

It's nice to know she considers them family. I guess it's no worse/weird than me having a crush on a Ninja Turtle or a Pound Puppy when I was young.


nanny said...

She is so funny!!! I enjoy hearing what your girls say and do. Only at this time in their lives are they not afraid to say what they are thinking or feeling. And, sometimes you can not put a price on that!!

Anonymous said...

I too had crushes on the Ninja Turtles. I shall remain Anonymous because of this fact.

Debbi said...

Amen Pam!!! How sweet! She must have "Wade" in her. We are always hungry!ha. Sacran too!ha.
The mind of a child is just priceless.