Friday, May 07, 2010

Mastering 30 Puggles

I'm so excited that we have Logan, Kathryn and The Funniest Man coming to see us today. Elaina is busy coloring TFM a picture and Claire is busy coloring a picture for..."what's that boy's name again, mommy?" (Logan, that would be you.)

My brother-in-law, David, is graduating with his Master's in the morning. Way to go, David!!  After his graduation they are going to meet a group of us at the local bowling place for a little food, fun and to acquire some sore wrists. Wait. Maybe that only applies to me and Jason.  Dan is also flying in for the day. How's that for some family love?

Mom gave Bella away today. WWAAAHHHH!!!!  I'm sad but she's going to a good family that loves beagles and wants to have puppies from the 15 year old beagle they have had for, well 15 years. But I'm still sad because Bella is the first dog to ever take my heart. We decided that since Elaina is not allergic to the puppies it made more since to keep one of them and find a home for Bella.  The puppies are puggles, half beagle and half pug. Supposedly, that breed of dog is hypoallergenic. I haven't noticed Elaina swelling up around a puppy but she really hasn't spent that much one-on-one with any of them. I guess we'll find out as soon as the fence is built.


nanny said...

I am so sorry about Bella, but you know we agreed and that this was the best. The lady just loved on her the whole time we were talking. Now I have 5 little puppies to get through the separation. Wish you were here to help!!! And, I know that you wish you were here too.

Debbi said...

Poor Pam...all the whining part. I bet are glad you are missing that part!ha.
Pam, I used to love dogs and puppies but I got old and just don't want any of my own anymore. They are needed with children to play with them, not old people who are stuck inside in a store and can't come out and play:)Bek, find homes while they are little and cute or you will be stuck with them once they get that "loopy" look!ha

Gwendolyn said...

Yay! Yes, I'm here, and just finished balancing my checkbook, and you are in bed asleep. We had a really fun day and I'm going to shower and get in bed with you because I'm tired, and when Jason is finished playing Catan he can sleep on the couch. Sarah, Brad, Jason, Dan, and Harris are playing the game. It is a long long game. Sort of like that movie, The Long Long Trailer, but not really because the game is fun and that movie is not fun. Goodnight. Move over. Don't hog the covers.

Margaretta said...

That is about the most not-fun movie ever actually.

and it's long, long, long.