Wednesday, May 05, 2010


We have a birthday party to go to today. Happy late Birthday, Eli!

I have to do day 3 of the Body Camp that I decided to be a part of.   P.S. I can't move well at the moment.

I really, really want a Nutty Bar for breakfast. This one act will cancel out so much of what Body Camp is supposed to do for me.

I am still in the bed and it is after 8am. I have to shower and I have to shower all the girls and I have to get dressed and I have to get them dressed. And... we have to be out the door in an hour. It's not looking good.

Jason is 30. He's old and I can tease him about it for one year and 4 months and then I have to quit because then I will be old.

Happy Birthday Jason!

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