Wednesday, July 18, 2012


1. Nora has a check up today.

2. I had to cook the biscuits twice this morning.

3. We had company so it was a little embarrassing.

4. We still have company but I've gotten over the embarrassment.

5. My house is clean because of the company.

6. The front yard is mowed partly because we have company and partly because it needed it.

7. The backyard hasn't been mowed yet because it was so hot day before yesterday and this is the type of company that won't look in the back yard.

8. I plan on mowing the backyard today in case the company looks out the kitchen window.

9. And because it really needs it.

10. I'm hungry.


nanny said...

who is staying with you?

Debbi said...

LOL who;s the great company???