Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just some rambling

It's a busy week and I'm trying to get ready for a somewhat-spontaneous sleepover that will make the 8-and-under category of girls in this house top out at 8. Most of the preparation is mental.

We are attending a singing school this week. Did I already mention that? I'll try to remember to take some pictures tomorrow so that I have something to post for you other than my boring words.

Eily is staying the night all by herself at Aunt Ashlie and Uncle Adam's house tonight. That's pretty exciting stuff right there, people.

I put Nora down without a pacifier for the first time Monday night. She cried for about a minute and a half. I wondered to myself why I had waited so long and dreaded it so much. I joked to Jason that she must have had a secret stash hidden somewhere in her crib.

Turns out I wasn't joking. Little stinker.

Jason's gone tonight and I'm missing him. I've gotten used to having him around again.

Someone please remind me to bring sherbet and caramel ice cream topping to the Ice Cream Social/End of singing school thing on Friday night.  Everyone is invited, by the way.

To the singing and eating. Not the slumber party.


AMAY said...

Awww! I wanted to crash the slumber party! You are a great Mom and your girls will remember times like tonight for the rest of their lives. But it might be easier to bring the goodies tonight and store them in the fridge at the church. I'm guessing tomorrow will be a little hectic!

Allicat's Alley said...

Oh I cant wait ! Eily said only once that she wanted to go home,

JCrew Mama said...

Don't forget the ice cream stuff tonight! (That's your reminder)! Wish we could be there!!!