Thursday, July 19, 2012

Looking back a little

Remember when we went to Tennessee a few weeks ago? Well, I was a complete dork and didn't take any pictures except the one where Nora's legs were hanging out the crib railing. Thankfully, my mother-in-law has more brain than I do and thought to get out her camera now and then. She sent me the pictures tonight and I want to post them so I'll have them recorded when I turn this year's posts into a book.

Bubba and Nora

Bubba and the girls probably watching The Sword in the Stone

Pa and Nora        The two look-a-likes

Curly locks

Fancy Claire

Solemn Eily

Elaina and Nora in Bebe's playroom

Kaylee (one of the deli girls), Eily and Claire up front at the register

Daddy and Nora in the store

Rocking away

Last breakfast before heading home

Cindy Lou-Who hair

Lotion, anyone?

Bubba and his baby (currently)

About to head home

Sweet Kaylee

Finally getting to be held by Daddy again.

Ready for church

I love her.

Horsin' Around

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Allicat's Alley said...

Sounds like yall had fun!