Monday, July 09, 2012

Thankful for rain

We are starting the week with no air conditioning, but a friend from church loaned us an air unit that we have set up in the living room. Between that and the rain, it hasn't been that bad. We all slept comfortably last night and I don't believe anyone is sweating this morning.
I got up early this morning with Nora. We ate breakfast, played and read books. As soon as she went back down, I jumped into my own bed and was out in about three seconds. Jason and the older three girls got up at some point and Nora and I slept on. At 9:30 (!!), Jason came and woke me up and I came into the kitchen to find that the girls had made breakfast and set the table all by themselves. They made toast with butter and jelly with a side of cheerios. Everyone also had a nice, tall glass of iced orange juice. I deem that as a great start to our week.

Yesterday, we celebrated 88 years with my Grandpa Green. Grandma wanted to throw him a card shower and it looked like he received 30+ cards. I haven't heard the actual count yet but I bet my guess it not far from being right.

The house is clean and there is one load of laundry to fold. I'm feeling good about this day. I think I'm going to read a lot, read to the girls a lot, do some banking, do reading lessons with Claire and Eily, do a math lesson with Elaina and maybe do something crafty. I like to be crafty on relaxed days.


AMAY said...

Sounds like a great day. If the air conditioning problem is going to be long term, give me a call. We might could move the window units in the bedrooms at Wed school over to your house.

Allicat's Alley said...

It probably will be a good day.