Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not for another 100 years

It's 12-12-12, y'all. And it deserves a post.

Today was a really, really good day. We usually have our co-op school on wednesdays, but we are finished for the semester so instead, we all spent the day just hanging out with Jason until he had to leave on a little mini-trip. (When I say all, I don't mean the entire co-op, I mean our little family.) We ran some errands, ate some meals, watched some shows and had some conversations. It was really lovely and I hated to see him leave.

Totally unrelated...  Nora has woke up dry twice this week. That means potty training is in the near future. Someone hold my hand, please.


Drewba said...

wont it happen in 2112, which would be 100 years? you might get to witness it!

Rebekah Sacran said...

Oh yeah. I'll fix that.

Debbi said...

I'll pray for you on potty training. I did it, but I did not have to like it:)