Friday, December 14, 2012

Brown Bear and growing up

Oh my, growing up can be cruel sometimes. But growing up is necessary and the little lessons learned along the way are so very important.
I've decided it's more than time for Eily to break the habit of bumping. This morning I told her that if I caught her bumping during the day, I was going to take away Brown Bear and put him in a safe place until she could break the habit.
I caught her.
It was awful. There was wailing and crying and gnashing of teeth. Brown Bear is now resting peacefully in the top of my closet and Eily and I had a long talk about how this new way of sleeping will be hard to get used to but she's a big girl now and very strong and will succeed. 
As we left her room, she looked at me and between sniffles and shudders said, "But Mama, this is going to be worser than hard!"

And she's right. It will probably be worser than hard but we will work through it together and it'll all turn out ok.
And when she's a teenager and sleeping over at a friend's house, she'll thank me that she doesn't have to bump to get to sleep.  And if she doesn't thank me, her friend probably will.


Anonymous said...

Is it ok if I find humour in this?

melliehodges said...

Okay, so I totally laughed out loud at the last paragraph. I can't imagine trying to break her of this habit! :-)

Debbi said...

The sad part is that she is just comforting herself. Our weird society makes it "bad" and thinks dirty.
however, it is odd:) poor thing. Jason bumped his head as he rocked on his hands/knees. He outgrew it though. Had an "egg" knot on his head for years.
Eily's is a very strange habit, but poor bumping and no bear all at the same time:(
Isn't parenthood hard!

AIMA said...

Thinking of you sympathetically.