Thursday, December 20, 2012

Angel Band 2

Remember this post?

In it, I posted this picture and said I would tell you more about it later. Finally, after months of waiting, I'm allowed to "spill the beans". My oldest brother, Adam, had a wonderful idea and instead of typing and deleting, typing and deleting, I'm just going to let him tell you about it all.

In the mid-1970s, several members of the family of Asa and Lily Green got together to record an album of a cappella hymns.  It was originally on vinyl, and later copied to cassette tape.  The name of that early recording was “Angel Band.”
On August 25th a group of 25 cousins of the family of Logan and Roberta Green gathered in Dora at Fountain Square House Studios to follow in those same footsteps.  As a result, the CD collection of hymns known as “Angel Band 2” was born.  It is intended to be a tribute to our grandparents.

The language on the CD cover is as follows:
“As long as any of us can remember, our lives have been filled and enriched with music – music such as the soft strumming of a guitar accompanying the melodic lilting of a bluegrass fiddle, or “Poet and Peasant” thundering across the keys of a Baldwin piano.  But more than anything else, our lives have been surrounded by a cappella hymn singing in our homes and in worship services.
That tradition of music has been passed down to us by our grandparents, Logan and Roberta Green.  Not only have they both been outstanding examples of what men and women of character should be, but they have loved music, and have ensured that the knowledge of the rudiments of music was instilled in their children and grandchildren.  Countless hours have been spent in their home singing, listening to singing, and learning how to sing.  We owe them a debt of gratitude that we will never fully repay.
This album of recorded hymns is just a small attempt on our part to tell them of our love.”

This is the insert my cousin, Dan, made for the CD.

And the CD. Enjoy!
These are available for purchase. There is no profit being made, the price simply covers making the CD and mailing it. If you are interested in buying one, just let me know and I'll hook you up. The price is $10 if I can hand it to you in person and $12 if I have to mail it.

Also, a big thank you to Logan, who hacked into my Soundcloud account and did all the dirty work so I could easily post this CD on my blog.


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Good post, B!!

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I like how you put the music out there. Pretty tech savvy!