Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Christmas 2012

We had our little family Christmas yesterday. We have a tradition of putting up the baby gate in the hallway the night before, and then, in the morning, the girls stand there impatiently and excitedly (or in Nora's case, angrily) as I make them pose for a picture. Then we remove the gate and they make a mad dash for their stockings.
We had some fun stocking stuffers this year. The silly straws were a big hit.

Claire and Eily addded to their Calico Critter's Collection.


It was a nice relaxing day and we had a lot of fun opening presents, playing with toys, watching Christmas movies and eating yummy food. Now on to the rest of the funtivities!!

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Debbi said...

how sweet! Excited to have you all here tomorrow:)