Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Monday

I hear birds chirping! Spring is coming! Spring is coming!
Y'all. Saturday was a good day. Friday night, we came home from ballet and Nora crawled up on her bed and vomited everywhere. It was very smelly. So in my mind, Saturday was going to be spent holding a baby and cleaning up throw up, but other than Claire running a very low grade fever, everyone woke up happy and healthy. My friend, Misty, came to get Elaina and Eily and take them for the day (it was originally supposed to be Elaina and Claire but obviously that wasn't going to work) and I set to work. It has been very unorganized and cluttered around here- and you all know how that makes me feel- so I rolled up my sleeves and jumped in. Oh, I forgot to mention that two days before, when the weather was warm and beautiful, I brought all of the yard sale boxes (and there were many) out into the back yard so that I could get to the girls' summer clothing tubs. I brought the tubs inside and left the boxes out since I knew I would be loading them into the trailer on Sunday. And then it poured rain for two days. So I started off by bringing in the dilapidated boxes one by one and began rewashing, redrying and repricing all the items in the boxes. NOT FUN. Finally, after several hours, I was able to switch out the clothing from winter to summer, finish all the laundry so that I didn't have any winter clothing left in the house and start to pick up and organize what toys were scattered around. It was a good day.  Then on Sunday, we went to church in Magazine, ran by Jason's studio and hooked up the trailer and came home. I spent the afternoon loading up all the yard sale items and playing outside with the girls. We ended the day by going to an impromptu grill-out at my parents' house and then came home where for the first time ever, all four girls fell asleep within ten minutes of being put into bed.

And now, I'm going to go make myself a green smoothie. I've accepted a challenge to drink one for 30 days straight to see if I can tell a difference in the way that I feel and today is day four. I've been changing the fruit combinations each time and we've given them names. Eily named the first smoothie, Tinkerbell, I named the next one Purple Passion and Claire named yesterday's smoothie- are you ready for this?- The White Drink of Delight. And it really was delightfully delicious.


Laura Kathryn said...

I want your smoothie recipes.

AIMA said...

Claire's name should be Anne with an E.