Sunday, April 21, 2013

This past week

This past week was a hard week for me. It was the first week of Jason's traveling season and I've felt his absence keenly. I realize that there are people out there that have had far worse weeks than I've had and I'm not saying I think my week equaled theirs, I'm just saying that I miss him. A LOT.

Elaina lost her retainer at one point during the week. I was so upset. This was her third retainer and they don't come cheap. (She didn't lose three retainers. Her second one was a different kind and then she broke it and they had to make another one.) Tonight, after the girls had gone to sleep, I settled in with my green smoothie, picked a show in my queue and got comfy on the couch. Once the greens started working their magic, I decided I should fold all the laundry in the basket and dryer. (got to love the energy boost from those greens!) The first item I picked up to fold was a pair of Elaina's jeans and I noticed there was something in the pocket. Yes. It. Was. Her. Retainer. I was so excited that I danced a jig, right there in the living room. It was a nice way to start the new week. 


nanny said...

So glad you found it. At least it wasn't in the back yard somewhere where a dog or cat had been

caitlin said...

good for you, getting energy from green smoothies instead of something bad for you! i need to get better about that. way too much coffee and sugar around here during finals.

Debbi said...

I did check my shoulder...the retainer wasn't there!haha Glad you found it!
She's gonna be another Jason....hap-hazardly taking care of her things....well, maybe she'll get better??? If not, we will rename her " Jasonette"!LOL

AIMA said...

Hooray for a happy ending!